I completed my PhD in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am a participating faculty in the Cultural, Social, and Political Thought Graduate Program. For more information about my research and teaching please follow the above links.                                                                           

Picture of James Rowe

Political ecology stream

I currently work with three excellent comrades in Environmental Studies:

Graduate students

I am currently supervising four graduate students:

  • Max Abu-Laban
  • Mary Stuart
  • Julia Weder
  • Maia Wikler

Former students

  • Emilia Belliveau
  • Seb Bonet
  • Myles Carroll
  • Angela Easby
  • Gillian Gawron
  • Charlie Gordon
  • Kim Kendall
  • Jennie Long
  • Jake McCloskey
  • Claire O’Manique
  • Megan Sullivan

If you are interested in applying to work with me please read the following.

A message on a wall that read seek happiness, but now reads, "be happiness."