Radical Mindfulness

Radical Mindfulness examines the root causes of injustice, asking why inequalities along the lines of race, class, gender, and species continue to exist.  Specifically, I examine fear of death as a root cause of systemic injustice and propose a more embodied approach to social change as a solution.

Collecting insights from powerful thinkers across multiple traditions – including Black radicals, Indigenous resurgence theorists, terror management theorists, and Buddhist feminists – I argue for the political importance of seemingly apolitical practices such as meditation and ritual.  On their own, these strategies are not enough, but integrated into social movements that are combating structural injustices, mind-body practices can begin transforming the embodied fears that feed endless fuel to supremacist ideologies, and yet are not targeted by most political actors.

Radical Mindfulness is for academics, activists, and individuals who want to overcome supremacy of all kinds but are struggling to understand and develop methods for attacking it at the roots.

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Radical Mindfulness: Why Transforming Fear of Death is Politically Vital

Radical Mindfulness: Why transforming fear of death is politically vital.