Radical Mindfulness Playlist

Before encountering and practicing Buddhist cosmology I lacked cultural resources for making friends with this wild world I was born into and would one day feed in decomposition. Like many in the same predicament, listening to music and attending live shows became a form of ceremony for metabolizing my existential fears and affirming this exuberant…

Radical Mindfulness class

I’m teaching a class on Radical Mindfulness with Morbid Anatomy this summer. There is a course fee, but participants receive an e-book. Let’s keep metabolizing existential fear in the service of mutual care and justice! https://www.morbidanatomy.org/classes/radical-mindfulness-james-rowe

Repping death on the Sony Music podcast “Seeking”

I’m excited to have participated in the Sony Music podcast “Seeking.” The first season is on psychedelics and the second explores the modern-day quest for immortality. I was brought in to rep death 🙂 More particularly, to talk about my new book Radical Mindfulness and the role of death denial in shaping relations of supremacy….

Prospective graduate students

I generally have room to accept 1 student each year. If my description of research overlaps with your interests then please contact me. When making initial contact it is very helpful to hear about your background and interests. The more specific you can be about a possible research project the better (with full understanding that your…

Faces of UVic

Dr. James Rowe is an Associate Professsor with the School of Environmental Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences. In this video, James discusses his research into political ecology. Learn more at: Faces of UVic research:    / facesofuvicresearch   UVic’s YouTube channel:    / uvic   UVic research: http://www.uvic.ca/research UVic: http://www.uvic.ca/

Letter of recommendation FAQ

Writing reference letters for undergraduate students who have taken my classes and for graduate advisees is an important part of my job. Below are some guidelines that, if followed, will help make the letter-writing process mutually productive. Will you write me a letter? The background and qualifications I require to write a letter vary by…